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I have known Debby Dowling for over 5 years. I met her at the yoga studio that I go to, YNG Studios (formerly Asana Fit), in San Clemente. Being one of my first yoga instructors, she has had a major influence on my practice and is one of the reasons that I have grown to love yoga so much. 


Debby is an excellent yoga instructor. She excels not just at teaching the asanas and the physical aspects of yoga, but also of the deeper spiritual practice, which takes her classes to a whole different level. Throughout the years, many instructors have come through our studio. Thankfully, she has been a constant presence, because I don’t know what our studio would be without her.


Debby is challenging, yet sensitive to individual needs. She pushes us to be our best selves, and at the same time helps us to love ourselves just as we are. She is positive, upbeat and inspiring. She treats everyone kindly and carries herself with great integrity. Every class I take with her leaves me feeling better than when I came in, both physically and mentally. 


In time, I have come to see Debby not just as my yoga instructor, but also as a mentor and a great friend. I cannot say enough good things about her and her character. Any program, studio or partnership would be truly fortunate to have her be a part of it. - Acacia Carras, San Clemente

Debby Dowling has the unique ability to combine a challenging physical workout with a metaphysical experience. Each class she teaches has a different focus on strengthening and stretching different areas of the body. She has gone above and beyond this year for her yogis transitioning to online YouTube platform, outside classes and back in hot yoga studio when appropriate. She has given us a lifeline to keep physically, mentally and spiritually strong while staying connected as a group.
She tailors her classes to incorporate 30-60 year old yogis being mindful of all her groups needs and challenges...which is not easy;) Mostly she offers friendship, unconditional support, laughter and openness to immersing herself in the experience with each class. We are all blessed to have her as our instructor, guide and friend! - Jen OBrien, Laguna Niguel 


I have been doing yoga for decades and have had many many teachers. One of my all time favorites is Debbie Dowling. She is a sensational yoga instructor. Her classes are well planned, focused, well executed and always fun. I always feel fantastic after class. I try not to miss any that she teaches. Thanks Debbie for always bringing your best. - Pamela Delbridge , Mission Viejo

I've had the privilege of practicing yoga with Debby for 10 years. I've practiced with many other instructors during those years, but not one of them is as truly gifted and dedicated as Debby. She encourages us to commit daily deeds of kindness; to radiate compassion, starting with self compassion; to bring out the best in others and ourselves. Working with Debby has brought me a new kind of self confidence and strength that has empowered me to be a better teacher. Debby creates a new routine for every class, making each class a unique experience. One thing you can depend on is that at the end of every class, you will feel satisfied and relaxed, but you will also feel stretched to reach a place you didn't think you could. Debbie has an amazing repertoire of music genres which make her classes fun and lively. Frequently, her students laugh out loud with her. Other times students feel her presence in the class make it a safe place to break down and cry. Creating the space for both types of classes doesn't just magically happen. Debby works constantly to grow, learn and develop as a yogi herself, understanding that yoga is a practice not a destination. It is a journey like none other when you take it with Debby! - Jeni Duff, Laguna Niguel


Here are a few of the reasons that I continue to go to Debby’s yoga classes after several years: she does an outstanding job of mixing new routines in with classics, so there is always something new to look forward to and yet get some of my favs in too; her match of music to the moves is masterful; she challenges the classes to do our individual best. I always feel GREAT after class!

- Janet Cheetham, Laguna Niguel 


Debby’s classes bring a degree of unparalleled professionalism and enthusiasm while allowing the yogi to experience the true nature and goal of yoga. A perfect balance between the spiritual and exercise creates a magical feeling released with savasana
In the end you are both exhausted and fulfilled, a mix of contradictory feelings heightening bringing the person closer to nirvana.
- Fred Tadori, Dana Point

Debby Dowling is simply the best! I have been practicing yoga for almost 10 years and have had many different instructors but I can honestly say that Debs classes are truly one of a kind and a class I never want to miss! 😊 - Casey Lamber, San Juan Capistrano

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