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For those of you unfamiliar with Reiki, Reiki is universal source energy. It’s safe, simple and natural to use, not to mention simply amazing. It can deliver healing on the emotional, physical and spiritual level.


It all depends on what a particular person needs.


You’ll find that it also deepens your connection to spirit and your higher self. The energy always goes directly to where you need it. It's truly amazing stuff!!

A lot of people used to think of Reiki as woo-woo stuff. Thank goodness it’s becoming more and more accepted in the mainstream.


That’s because it works!


It’s been proven to be effective in helping people with almost every kind of mental or physical illness. In fact, many hospitals have incorporated reiki into their cancer treatments as it has been known to be incredibly healing, supportive and restorative to those patients.

Dr. Oz himself is a huge proponent of reiki. His wife is a master reiki practitioner. He won’t go into the operating room without his wife sending reiki into the room as well as directing it to all of the practitioners (including himself) as well as the patient because he has seen a marked reduction in recovery time and complications when she does.

I do a lot of work with energy and am a very spiritual person. Trust me, I wasn’t always this way! It’s been a true journey filled with lots of twists and turns. All I can say, is that by taking this path, I am definitely a better person and just way more at peace with everything and everyone in my life. I’m at a place where I truly want to pass along any and all knowledge that I have. I am so honored to do what I love for a living! The more connected we can be to who it is that we really are, the more authentic and happier we are.

My reiki healings always incorporate the healing properties of crystals as well. In addition to reiki, I create a customized crystal grid beneath the table so you get healing energy from both above and below.

I am always happy and honored to give someone a reiki healing. Healings start @ $65/hour. 

Please contact me for more details!

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