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Akashic Readings


An Akashic Records Reading is different than any other reading that I offer. It goes way deeper. In fact, it goes all the way to the heart, or rather, start, of a problem that you most likely have carried through for many lifetimes.

Through this reading you’ll learn so many wonderful things about yourself!


First, you’ll learn about your soul profile, which is really your soul’s characteristics. Just like you have a human personality, well, your soul has a personality too. In other words, you get to find out what makes you, well, YOU! Ever wonder why you’re drawn to certain things? Or respond to situations in a specific way? This reading will give you insight and explain why you are the way you are. It’s a wonderful, confirming thing!

You’ll also learn more about the things that are holding you back in this lifetime. You’ll understand why you seem to experience the same sort of issues over and over and over again.


This insight not only provides tremendous healing, it gives you the information to make different choices so you are no longer faced with repeating the same situations.

The best part of a soul realignment reading is that not only will you learn about the issues, but you’ll also discover how and why they actually began. By doing this, you get a real understanding and explanation for many of your present life experiences.

I do all of the work and investigating prior to your reading. Meaning I go through the akashic records prior to our call in order to uncover all of the information needed including any negative blocks and restrictions that may be affecting you at soul-level. I also facilitate a full clearing of all the blocks and restrictions leaving only the learning behind.

Lastly, I’ll also clear out all of the blocks and restrictions that are affecting you at soul level so that only the learning stays in place. There is nothing scary about the process, and in many ways, it’s quite fun! And it truly is a transformational experience.

This doesn’t mean that there’s no work on your part!


You’ll be given a small homework assignment that takes only 5-7 minutes a day that will help facilitate the learning on both your conscious and subconscious levels. Because ultimately it’s up to you to make the changes.

A one hour Akashic Records & Soul Level Healing reading costs $375. It costs more simply because of the amount of work done by me preparing your reading as well as the clearing work that I facilitate prior to our one hour call.


Many people feel an energy shift before we even talk!

If you’d like your call recorded so that you have the ability to go back and revisit this experience as often as you like, please let me know so that can be arranged.

Please know that I only do a limited amount of Akashic Readings per month due to the amount of energy and time that they take on my part, so as soon as I receive your payment, we can schedule your reading. Currently readings are conducted about 2 weeks after payment is received.

Please contact me to schedule!

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